Elii Design is an innovative and creative studio with a passion for art, creativity and technology.

in Margaret River, with a worldwide operating, Elii Design is a comprehensive digital service agency, working strategically with clients to create effective 2015Established ingraphic solutions that support their needs and their business activities.

Believing in the true beauty of narrative and personalized videography, Elii Design offers innovative service and experience in design and visual effects.

We combine styles and shapes to create innovative and original forms of design. Our design studio offers different skills and digital strategies ranging from graphics, illustrations, lettering, commercials and photography, to interactive installations, visual identities, filming, digital advertising and 3D modeling.

Our range of experience with clients includes different countries all around the world: Australia, Italy, Canary Islands, Hawaiian Islands and more.

Elii Design collaborates with windsurfing and surfing international magazines.

Since 2015 we have been working with the biggest international magazines and websites of surfing and windsurfing as an international reporter, moreover, Elii Design is working such as photographer, videomaker and international reporter for the WSL Surfing World Tour of Margaret River.

In November 2017 Elii Design was the executive producer of THAT’S SURF WEST, a short film about surfing and windsurfing based in Western Australia.  The movie premiered in Maui, Hawaii, with a very positive reception, had an event in Australia during the National Championship and another one in Italy.

We are working with some International brand on the R&D of new Graphics for future products which are not on the market yet.

Elii Design is the partnership of the new World’s project Ocean Lovers Festival regarding the care and protection of the world oceans, the event will be in Sydney in April 2019.



Elisa Mariani

Eli was raised in Italy, near to the northern big cities and beautiful landscapes such as Lago di Como and the Alps. Since a young age, she showed a very strong interest in colours and art, selling her first painting in Bergamo when she was 16. In 2012 Elisa collaborated with the most important Italian windsurfing magazine during the PWA Windsuring World Tour in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

She became the official photo-reporter for the following two years.   Due to her passion for the arts, she started studies in architecture and plastic arts and improved her skills in Milan at the renowned University of Belle Arti of Brera, where she graduated with Honors. As soon as Elisa had the opportunity she started to travel around the world, learning from different cultures and gathering experiences which deeply defined her style.

Eli has a strong foundation in film making, photography, editing, 3D modelling, graphic design and more, offering a multitasking service to find your personal style through her studio Elii Design.



Born in 1990, first official deck cadet at the Nautical Technical Institute A.D., professional Windsurfer athlete with a past in the Italian Olympic Team and nowadays Italian representative on the estreme sector of this sport, his coach was the ex Olympic coach and today’s  Sport Director of the Yach Club Monaco Paolo Ghione.

Federico won few national and international events, is a professional videomaker, Film Maker, Director of That’s Surf West Film.

Athlete and Testimonial for some international windsurfing brands involved into the R&D. GoPro Australian and New Zeland team Rider, International reporter for the biggest windsurfing and surfing magazines and web sites.

Team Manager and Social Media Marketing Manager for MaverX Masts and That’s Surf West project.

Italian Ambassador for the World’s project Ocean Lovers Festival for the care and protection of the world oceans. Awarded  “Bordighera World Ambassador” from the city’s Mayor thanks to his results and projects.

Professional experience in gardening, tree climbing, hospitality management, Chef and Pizza Chef.